On Course Foundation Annual Simpson Cup

The Simpson Cup is an annual tournament between teams of 13 injured Service members and veterans from the USA and their British counterparts.

The Ryder Cup style tournament showcases the unique position of golf as one of the few sports where players of all skills and abilities can play together on a level playing field, because of the official golf handicap system. Competitors involved in the Simpson Cup are all members of On Course Foundation USA and our sister Foundation in the UK. The event is the pinnacle of our events calendar and is our flagship event for raising awareness and funds.

Qualification Events are held in run-up to each Simpson Cup - the participant On Course Foundation members are selected based on their overall involvement with our program, their golfing ability and commitment. Captain's picks are also selected using the same criteria. For more information please refer to the Eligibility and Qualification Criteria page

For more information, visit: www.simpsoncup.com