History of On Course Foundation

On Course Foundation USA was officially launched in 2013 as a charity solely for American service members and Veterans.

John Simpson, the Founder, visited the British defense medical rehabilitation center at Headley court (England) in June 2009 and was moved by what he saw and heard.  

An ever-increasing number of patients were receiving treatment at Headley Court, many of whom were amputees. John spoke to the patients about the opportunities in golf and related this to his own life experience. As a child John had polio and, as a result, has only one fully functioning leg. He has played golf to a good standard since the age of 14 and maintains a successful career in the golf industry.

A large number of patients were encouraged by what John spoke about and were excited by the opportunity to participate, compete and work in such a sport. An initial golf skills event successfully took place in September 2009.

All this was the genesis of the charity and John set out to formalize the organization. His aim was to create a charity (On Course Foundation) to offer injured Service members and Veterans the opportunity to participate in golf on a level playing field with everyone else, either as a player or through employment in the golf industry. On Course Foundation was officially launched in July 2010 at the Royal Household Golf Club.