What On Course Foundation Does

Golf fosters a special foundation for the recovery of injured and sick Service members and veterans.

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The platform that golf creates allows us to help our members in three crucial ways:

  • GOLF
    • Providing a unique basis for physical and mental recovery, golf can help restore self-belief, providing participants with a level playing field not possible in other sports. Through nationwide events, we focus on what individuals can do, not what they can’t do. With tuition from advanced PGA professionals, whether someone have played before or not, we introduce them to a game which has proved to be a great tool in recovery.

    • So many of our members had never played or even considered golf before their life-changing injuries, lacking the confidence to try a new game. But thanks to our expert coaching and development strategies we are able to introduce them to a new sporting challenge. Members don’t just receive tuition, they attend employment presentations from all areas of the golf industry from green-keeping to golf club management, all delivered in a relaxed setting.

    • Through the confidence that the game of golf brings, we ensure that the self-belief that they have enjoyed on the course, shows off the course through access to work experience roles and full-time job opportunities. On completion, we hope to find long-term, meaningful employment for all those individuals who are subsequently discharged from the military.