Eligibility and qualification criteria


The Simpson Cup showcases both the On Course Foundation and its members on an International stage to the public, media and our benefactors. All participants are expected to have a thorough knowledge of both the Etiquette and Rules of Golf in order to be considered for qualification.

The Simpson Cup is an extremely attractive opportunity and qualification places are in high demand. Priority is given to our active members, serving ambassadors or new members attending our programs who show an interest in securing employment. Importantly, individuals must have attended at least one of our Golf Skills and Employment Events that calendar year in order to be considered. Whilst wining is important; the event is about more than just fielding the strongest team.

  1. The Simpson Cup Committee has ultimate responsibility for all decisions relating to the eligibility and qualification criteria for the Simpson Cup.
  2. The team will be made up of a total of thirteen (13) players including the Captain and Vice-Captain.
  3. The Captain and Vice-Captain of the team will be selected by the Simpson Cup Committee.
  4. The team will include a total of five (5) invited players. The five invited players will be selected by the Captain, Vice-Captain and the Simpson Cup Committee. A Founder's pick will also be included from 2017.
  5. The remaining five (5) places making up the team will be determined by qualification events at which players will be invited to participate by the Simpson Cup Committee.
  6. As of June 2019, As of June 2019, senior staff of the On Course Foundation are ineligible for selection.
  7. It is anticipated that a total of fifty (50) players or such other number as the Simpson Cup Committee shall determine be invited to attend qualification events. All costs of golf and F&B will be covered by the On Course Foundation but participants are expected to pay for their own travel to and from the events and any lodging if required.
  8. An individual's handicap will be a major factor in considering whether a player will be invited. Each competitor must have a USGA Handicap Index┬«  (with GHIN number) issued through an authorized golf club to compete. In normal circumstances, players with a handicap higher than eighteen (18) will not be considered. Other factors include previous attendance at OCF events, organizational knowledge and character.
  9. By accepting an invitation to play in the qualification event you are deemed to be making yourself available to participate in the Simpson Cup and all related events including (but not limited to) a train-up event and one separate fundraising event. This means you have a passport and are eligible for travel to the UK in years 2021, 2023 etc.