Chris Fearns Golf Marathon

Welcome to the fundraising page for my 2017 Golf Marathon.

This year I will be raising money for the On Course Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization that supports disabled veterans though golf and jobs in the golf industry. Dataw Island has hosted many On Course Foundation events over the years and we are proud to be a Simpson Cup Qualification venue. For me personally, it is an absolute honor and humbling experience to be the coach of the USA Simpson Cup Team and I look forward to working with participants going forward. The camaraderie and the brotherhood in the team is so special to witness.

This website allows you to donate directly to the On Course Foundation; simply complete the form below, enter a verification code and enter your payment details on the following page. Once completed, your kind donation will be tracked and added to my fundraising total. Your donation is a 100% tax-deductible gift as you are receiving no goods or services in exchange for your contribution.

Please give generously as I look to raise as much money as possible to support On Course Foundation’s program for disabled veterans.

Chris Fearn
Assistant Golf Pro, Dataw Island and USA Simpson Cup Team Coach

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