On Course Foundation: Golf Events

Our golf events allow wounded, injured and sick Service members and Veterans to fully explore how golf can help them on the road to recovery.

Those in attendance receive not only comprehensive golf coaching from our teaching professionals, but career advice and guidance from industry professionals in all areas of the industry.

Coaching and competitive play is key to growing the confidence of our members, but our main aim is to offer work experience placements to our members, leading to employment. We’re committed to finding roles to fit their skills and knowledge, and helping them pursue a meaningful career in the golf industry.

Below is a selection of the events we hold for wounded, injured and sick Service members and Veterans:

    • On Course Foundation USA works closely with the Army’s Warrior Transition Command, the Marine Corps, Wounded Warrior Regiments and veterans hubs to introduce wounded, injured and sick individuals to what we do, how golf can provide a unique platform for their confidence to grow and what opportunities are available to them in the golf industry.

       The event aims to provide:

      • Introductory golf training led by dedicated PGA Teaching Professionals

      • An introduction to the On Course Foundation employment program and the support on offer

      • A comfortable atmosphere for all in attendance, where like minded individuals can experience the confidence and camaraderie that golf offers

      These events aim to encourage attendees along to our Golf Skills & Employment Events, where they become Members, and experience the pathway to recovery that golf can offer.

    • These events allow beneficiaries to practice skills that they have learnt at our Introductory Golf Events. Attendees now become On Course Foundation members and have the chance to learn about opportunities in the golf industry from industry professionals, as well as developing their skills on the golf course.

      Content at the events include:

      • Golf tuition and development of the game, led by dedicated  PGA Teaching Professionals

      • Guidance on etiquette and rules of the game

      • Employment presentations from golf industry professionals

      • 1 on 1 interviews to start the path to a new meaningful career

      This event is open to all levels of golfer; from beginners through to advanced. If you are interested in attending please contact us.

  • [email protected] Event
    • Similar to a traditional 'day in the life of' experience, we arrange bespoke industry visits to a wide variety of golf organizations.  These events give attendees a real feel of what is involved in working in the golf industry. We then hope to arrange longer work experience placements for our members.